WinCo Hours of Operation: Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Holiday Hours

WinCo Foods, commonly known as WinCo, is a private retail food enterprise. With the novel coronavirus having shifted global life out of its regular balance, being conscious of WinCo hours has become ever more critical.

Though certain popular locations such as Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Texas and others have remained consistent with their store hours, minor states may experience varying conditions. Further below you can find out information on the business’ holiday times – so keep reading until the end!

To fully appreciate the company’s success story and impressive history (which dates back to 1967!), one must first acquaint themselves with it.

WinCo FOODS, commonly known as WinCo, is a privately-owned retail food store. In this tumultuous era of the pandemic, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with WinCo’s hours in locations such as Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Texas and other areas which remain largely unchanged; however some variations may be present in lesser states.

Below we have provided details on the WinCo holiday hours – keep reading until the end to gain further insight into this iconic business which originated back in 1967.

In 1967, Ralph Ward and Bud Williams established Waremart in Boise, Idaho as a low-priced supermarket. Subsequently, the employees bought the majority of shares of the company and turned it into an employee-owned entity.

Fast-forward to 1991 when they opened up an 82,000 sq ft store near its original location. Eight years later, it changed its name to WinCo Foods – taken from the first letter of five states where it operated at that time: Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California and Oregon.

Ralph Ward and Bud Williams had the innovative idea to open up a low-cost, bare bones grocery store in Boise, Idaho, naming it Waremart. To their pleasant surprise, it proved so successful that in 1991 they were able to expand with an 82,000 sq ft location in the same city.

Fast forward eight years to 1999 and with business now operating out of five states – Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California and Oregon – the team renamed their success story ‘WinCo Foods’.

WinCo Foods began its journey into Spokane, Washington in 2009 with the launch of three stores: West Valley, City and Midvale. Subsequently, between 2011 and 2012 they expanded their operations to Arizona, Las Vegas and Nevada. Finally in 2017 they celebrated the opening of their 114th store located in Moses Lake, Washington.

In 2009, WinCo Foods began their expansion into the Spokane, Washington area with three stores. Over the following years, 2011-2012, they rapidly extended their reach further south to Nevada, Arizona and Las Vegas. Their momentum carried on in 2017 when they opened store number 114 in Moses Lake, Washington.

With that said, let’s know about the WinCo store hours in detail.

WinCo Hours of Operation

WinCo Foods has earned a reputation for offering an impressive selection of items such as bakery products, groceries, seafood, snacks, and beauty supplies. Open for extended hours compared to its competitors, this private business earned $7.2 billion in revenue by 2019.

As of 2019, WinCo Foods has seen a tremendous success due to their long business hours and expansive range of items, including bakery items, groceries, seafood, snacks, produce and beauty products. This private enterprise has accumulated an impressive $7.2 billion in revenue.

WinCo Foods Hours

WinCo has fairly standard operating hours in Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Texas and California, but may close a bit earlier than usual in other locations. To get the full rundown of these hours, please refer to the table provided below.

Operating hours for WinCo vary in different locations, such as Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Texas and California where their times remain straightforward. For a more detailed overview of specific store timings however, it is best to consult the accompanying table.

Day Operating Hours Opening & Closing Time
Monday 24 hours 6:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Tuesday 24 hours 6:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Wednesday 24 hours 6:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Thursday 24 hours 6:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Friday 24 hours 6:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Saturday 24 hours 6:00 AM to 5:00 AM
Sunday 24 hours 6:00 AM to 5:00 AM

WinCo Foods Holiday Hours

For states in which WinCo operates, it can be found available to you all year round. If you’re curious about their Thanksgiving hours, check out the bottom of the first table provided.

Shopping for the holidays doesn’t need to be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Many stores operate on holiday schedules, with their hours adjusted to meet the needs of customers – with the exception being Black Friday, where many stores stay open late or start early!

Before heading out, save yourself energy and stress by calling ahead and checking WinCo Foods’ special holiday hours. Here’s wishing you a wonderful shopping season!

WinCo stores are open 24/7 in most states, so if you need to find the store’s hours for Thanksgiving Day, simply look at the table at the end of this page.

On which holidays are WinCo Foods open?

Day Holiday Open or Closed?
January 1st New Year’s Day Open ✔ Hours may vary
January 17th Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day) Open ✔
February 14th Valentine’s Day Open ✔
February 21st Presidents Day Open ✔
March 1st Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Open ✔
March 17th St. Patrick’s Day Open ✔
April 15th Good Friday Open ✔
May 5th Cinco de Mayo Open ✔
April 17th Easter Sunday Open ✔
April 18th Easter Monday Open ✔
May 30th Memorial Day Open ✔
June 19th Father’s Day Open ✔
July 4th Independence Day (4th of July) Open ✔
September 5th Labor Day Open ✔
October 10th Columbus Day Open ✔
October 31st Halloween Open ✔
November 11th Veterans Day Open ✔
November 23rd Day Before Thanksgiving Open ✔
November 24rd Thanksgiving Open ✔
November 25th Black Friday Open ✔
November 28th Cyber Monday Open ✔
December 24th Christmas Eve Open ✔ but closes early X
December 26th Day after Christmas Open ✔
December 26th Boxing Day Open ✔
December 31st New Year’s Eve Open ✔ but closes early X

On which holidays are WinCo Foods closed?

To ensure your shopping plans are not hindered by unexpected operating hours, it is best to give WinCo Foods a quick call ahead of time. Stores usually open late and/or close early on holidays, but Black Friday serves as the exception, where most stores have extended opening times.

To get the most out of your holiday shopping experience, do check in advance so that you don’t waste precious time or fuel. Enjoy your shopping!

Compared to all other holidays, the opening and closing hours for WinCo on Christmas Day is the only aspect that changes. Therefore, it’s easy to remember.

Day Holiday Open or Closed
December 25th Christmas Day Closed X

When planning to visit a Winco store, it’s best to contact the store directly before going since its doors may be open or closed depending on the city it’s in and other factors determined by the shop owner.

For cities that aren’t considered tier-one, be sure to use the provided store locator beforehand.

Depending on where the store is located, the decisions of the shop owner, and other considerations, it’s not always certain if Winco will be open for holidays. Be sure to utilize the store locator below before going there, especially if you are not from a major city.

WinCo Foods Business Hours

WinCo Foods is an established American retail store which can be found in most major US cities. During weekdays, their doors are open from 6am to 5am and they observe the same schedule on Saturdays and Sundays.

WinCo Foods is an established American retailer with presence across many major cities in the US. They are open every day of the week, starting at 6am and closing at 5am.

WinCo Foods Hours

Looking for information regarding WinCo Foods hours on a typical day? Not sure if the store is open or closed today? We’ve got you covered – see below for all your answers.

Have you ever wondered if WinCo Foods is open today? Whether they are open or closed, you’ll find the answers below. Here are the regular hours of operation for WinCo Foods.

WinCo Foods Weekdays hours

During regular weekdays, WinCo Foods operates from 6:00 AM to 5:00 AM. On weekends, their hours remain the same, staying open from 6:00 AM to 5:00 AM.

WinCo Foods Customer Service :

Customers can access the WinCo Foods customer service team by calling 1-800-883-8895 between 6:00 AM and 5:00 AM.

Additional infrmation regarding the store’s operating hours is also available on their website. Should you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment; our team will be delighted to answer them. We hope this article has been helpful in informing you of the WinCo Foods Holiday Hours.

WinCo Foods Number & Details

As a valued customer, you have the right to contact WinCo Foods whenever necessary – whether it be to provide feedback, address grievances or request updates. The following details are available for your convenience should you wish to reach them.

Utilizing the store locator URL above simplifies any circumstance, providing the essential information such as operating hours and contact number while directly accessing Google maps to direct you to your destination.

Social Media:

WinCo Foods Address: 

8200 W Fairview Ave,

Boise, ID 83704,


WinCo Foods Offerings

WinCo Foods is not your average food store – it offers far more than what meets the eye! In addition to selling everything from delicious recipes to piping hot pizzas, WinCo is the ideal place to shop for fresh produce. Here are some of their most prominent offerings

  • Recipe: Some of the main recipes shared by WinCo are Dill Deviled Eggs, Macadamia Nut Butter, Lucky You Mint pie, pineapple orange banana frosty, and many more. The shared recipes also come with a timestamp within which it can be prepared.
  • Produce: In produce, WinCo offers fruits & vegetables for all seasons. Some of the fruits offered are bananas, apples, kiwi, lemons, limes, pineapples, and strawberries, and some of the vegetables produced are asparagus and cabbage. broccoli, celery, spinach, and more.
  • Meat: Ask the butcher, Ready to Cook, and Meat Alternatives are the three wings of WinCos Food Meat Department. All these three wings (no pun intended) are well-equipped, stacked, and knowledgeable about their jobs to cater to the customer efficiently.
  • Seafood: With the BAP certification, WinCo makes and sells unique Seafood seasonings unlike no other.
  • Variety & Seasonal: Another unique offering WinCo has recently ventured into is HABA. Short for Health & Beauty, WinCo now sells baby products, foot care, hygiene products, cosmetics, dental care, first aid, and many more. Other than these off-shoot items, WinCo has also seen success in selling pet care products. Party goods, office items, kitchen essentials, and many more.
  • Bakery: In the bakery, WinCo produces a variety of bread, potato rolls, cakes, bagels, croissants, and others.

WinCo, renowned for its impressive legacy of 50+ years in food production, offers its own range of branded products now available in stores.

WinCo Food Brands

At every WinCo store, you can find fry sauce, lemonade, mopping and dusting clothes of the brand. Make sure to keep a lookout for them!

WinCo Foods Pizza 

Despite lacking the renown of pizzerias like Domino’s and Papa John’s, WinCo Foods’ pizzas are renowned for their superior taste across all fifty states. Customers can choose from cheese, Hawaiian, one-topping, combo, veggie, and customizable options.

About WinCo Foods and Review

WinCo Foods, a private and employee-owned company, is an impressive feat for employing more than 20,000 people. Led by Gary Piva as Chairman and Grant Haag as President, the brand achieved a revenue of $7 billion in 2019.

Despite the Covid-19 related issues that continue to impact businesses worldwide, WinCo Foods is still managing to grow their business. Expansion is currently in progress with plans for further growth in the future.

On, WinCo foods are rated an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars by more than 3,500 visitors. On the other hand, the brand scores 3.2 out of 5 stars on Two hundred forty-one people rate the brand 4 out of 5 stars on the popular review website


In 2022, WinCo Foods highly encourages its customers to shop with them in-person rather than through curbside pickup or home delivery.

This demonstrates their commitment to keeping a traditional shopping experience for their customers.

When the pandemic has stabilized, individuals will yearn for an opportunity to resume their usual activities and a trip to a WinCo foods store is sure to provide that sense of normalcy.

With this in mind, be sure to save the hours and holiday times from the company website so you’ll be prepared on your next visit. In 2022, it’s impressive for a company like WinCo Foods to remain firmly rooted offline without any option of curbside pick-up or home delivery. Remember that shopping in person with them is encouraged.