Taylor Eye Care Carmi Address, Hours, Phone Number

Taylor Eye Care is situated at 1684 Falcon Ave. They are world class eye care suppliers. Taylor care offers cutting edge innovation, assessments to analyses and treats their patients. They deal with their patient like their relative. To plan an arrangement you can call them at 618 382 4683.

Taylor Eye Care Carmi Address/ Hours/ Phone Number

he address is

1684 Falcon Ave.

Carmi, IL 62821

Telephone Number-618 382 4683

Available time
Monday-8 am to 7 pm

Tuesday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday


Taylor Eye Care Services

They offer a full scope of thorough vision and eye wellbeing assessments for all ages. They give treatment to visual wounds and contaminations, the board of the visual infection.

Eye & Vision Exams

Thorough eye grown-up assessment incorporate

Patient and Family Health Digital Retinal Image
Visual Acuity Measurement Preliminary tests of visual infection and eye health
Eye Pressure Eye Health Examination
Additional Tests ad needed Post Exam consultation
Dilation Farsightedness or astigmatism

Ocular Disease

Many ocular diseases can badly affect your eye health. To detect these diseases regular eye exams are very important and treat them before experiencing vision-threatening damage.

Children’s Exam

Each youngster ought to be tried for their eye between the age of 6 to a year. In the event that no issues are recognized during the test youngsters ought to be tried again at 3 years old.

Injuries and infections

Taylor eye care treat conditions including

Pink Eye Watery Eye
Dry Eye Syndrome Contact lens Complications
Ocular abrasions



Ocular Foreign Bodies
Blunt trauma to the eyes Styes and other eyelids conditions
Ocular Flash Burns Ocular reactions to medications
Chemical burns to the eyes

Computer Vision

Computer vision syndrome include

Blurry Vision Eye Strain and Discomfort
Headaches Dry, Scratchy eyes
Neck Shoulder Pain

Other includes

Contact Lenses


Taylor Eye Care Doctor & Staff

Dr. Clint T. Taylor, OD

Dr. Taylor finished his four year certification in science from Mckendree College in Lebanon.

In 2005, Dr. Clint finished his doctorate in optometry from the University of Indiana school of optometry in Bloomington.


American Optometric Association

Illinois Optometric Association

Southern Illinois Optometric Society

In his extra energy, he adores fishing, perusing, investing time with his loved ones.

Other Staff

Names Specialization
LeAnn Rogers, CPOA Certified para Optometric
Joanie Oliver, CPO ”   “
Morgan DiMaggio, CPO ”   “
Taylor Smith Optometric Technician