South Texas Spinal Clinic Locations, Services, Providers

South Texas Spinal Clinic doctor’s primary objective is to give the best reasonable quality muscular consideration to the networks of San Antonio and South Texas. This center’s incredible correspondence and persistent correspondence among staff and patients each 11 areas of South Texas Spinal Clinic is really focused on expertly and affectionately.

This center medical services suppliers are a lot of prepared and taught in muscular medication, actual medication, spinal muscular medication. This facility group has broad experience treating pretty much every muscle and muscular issue. Their experts have practical experience in both careful and clinical administration of neck or beck issues.

South Texas Spinal Clinic Locations/ Address

Their locations include

1〉 Boerne

134 Menger Springs Suite 1210 (map)

Boerne, TX 78006

Ph No- 830 203 6991

2〉 Fredericksburg

204 West Windcrest Street (map)

Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Ph No- 830 217 2657

3〉 Antonio

9150 Huebner Road Suite 290 (map)

San Antonio, TX 78240

Ph No- 210 664 2042

4〉 New Braunfels

861 Landa Street (map)

New Braunfels, TX 78130

Ph No- 830 203 6877

5〉 Laredo

6801 McPherson Road Suite 219 (map)


TX 78041

Ph No- 956 215 8324

6〉 Marcos

2003 Medical Parkway Suite A (map)

San Marcos, TX 78666

Ph No- 512 253 2118

7〉 Seguin

417 King Street (map)

Seguin, TX 781555

Ph No- 210 664 5046

8〉 San Antonio

18626 Hardy Oak Boulevard Suite 300 (map)

San Antonio, TX 78258

Ph No- 210 664 5059

9〉 San Antonio

12602 Toepperwein Road Suite 212 (map)

San Antonio, TX 78233

Ph No- 210 664 5271

10〉 South Texas Spinal Clinic San Antonio

7355 Barlite Suite 101, San Antonio (map)

TX 78224

Ph No- 210 664 5294

11〉 Kerrville

251 Cully Drive Suite A

Kerrville, TX 78028

Ph No- 210 446 4133

12〉 San Antonio

1200 Brooklyn Suite, San Antonio (map)

TX 78212

Ph No- 210 465 3659

13〉 San Antonio

3922 Wiseman Blvd Ste (map)

San Antonio, TX 78251

Ph No- 210 538 3324

14〉 Antonio

3922 Wiseman Blvd Suite 304 (map)

San Antonio, TX 78251

Ph No- 210 538 3549

South Texas Spinal Clinic Services

Their administrations incorporate

Back Pain
normal reasons for back torment are

Abuse and Overactivity

Plate Degeneration

Herniated Disk

Spinal Stenosis

Muscle Injury

Spinal Injury

Neck Pain
The most well-known reasons for neck torment are Common Neck Ache, Injury, Herniated Disk, Degenerative Disk Diseases.

The treatment interaction of Neck torment is

Oral Medication

Active recuperation

Manual Medicine

Muscle and Joint Injections

Cervical epidural steroid Injection

Cervical nerve block

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

With intrusive spine medical procedure, the doctors at the Spinal facility in South Texas make little cuts through which they string specific instruments to play out the assignment.

Some benefit of Invasive Surgery

Less Risk of disease

Less post-careful torment

Negligible Scarring

Less Blood misfortune and Tissue harm

Quicker recuperating time

Assuming that anybody experiencing ongoing and serious low back torment, a laminectomy can give the help of the aggravation.

Spinal Fusion
Your PCP might prescribe spinal combination to alleviate torment because of a back condition.


Spinal Fracture


Spinal Stenosis


Degenerative plate illness

Laser Spine Surgery
Laser spine medical procedure utilized for

Front Cervical Fusion

Lumbar Laminectomy

Lumbar Microdiscectomy

Front cervical Discectomy


Less Risk of Infection

Insignificant Scarring

Less Pain

Quicker Healing

Muscular Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

Lumbar Laminectomy

Lumbar Micro endoscopic Discectomy

Foremost Cervical Discectomy and Fusion

Advantages of Invasive medical procedure

Less Blood Loss

Insignificant Scarring

Less Trauma to Your Body

Speedier mending and recuperation

Some other services include

Joint Replacement Surgery

Torment Management

Undifferentiated cell Therapy

Active recuperation


Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

South Texas Spinal Clinic Providers/ Doctors

Their Doctors include

1〉 M. Dennis, MD

Undergraduate– The University of Texas at Austin

Medical Degree– In 1975

Board Certification– American Board of orthopedic surgery in september 1981.

2〉 R. Garza, MD 

He was born and grown up in San Antonio.

Degree– Mathematical Economics

Medical Degree– Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara

3〉 Paul Geibel, MD

Specialize– Orthopedic Surgery

Graduate– Austin College in Sherman, Texas.

Doctor of Medicine– Tulane University School of Medicine

4〉 Gerald Greenfield, Jr, MD

Graduate– Johns Hopkins University with a Master Degree

Specialty– Orthopedic Medicine

5〉 David Hirsch, DO

He finished his primary care physician of osteopathic medication from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Practitioner training School of osteopathic medication at the University of Medicine

6〉 Joel Jenne, MD

Dr. Joel is an osteopathic specialist in South Texas Spinal Clinic. He represents considerable authority in spinal medical procedure all ailments connected with awful, distortion, degenerative, and deformation.

7〉 Ajeya Joshi, MD

Board-ensured American Board of Orthopedic Surgery and he additionally has some expertise in spinal issues.

Unique interest-Pediatric, Cervical Spine Care, and Adult spinal deformitty.

8〉 Gilbert Meadows, MD
Physician certification Tulane University, New Orleans

Board affirmation American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.

8〉 Stephanie Pearson
Physician certification Meharry Medical College in Nashville.

Residency Training-The University of Texas wellbeing science focus in San Antonio.

9〉 Edward Pettyjohn, MD

Graduate– Harvard University in 2008

Medical Degree– Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia

10〉 C. Pipkin, MD

Medical Degree– University of Texas Medical Branch

Board-certified in Orthopedic Surgery– American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons in 1991.

11〉 David Roberts, MD

Medical Degree– University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

12〉 James Simmons, DO

James is board certified in an orthopedic surgeon.

Medical Degree– Texas college of osteopathic medicine in Fort Worth.

13〉 Pablo Vazquez-Seoane, MD

Pablo is board-ensured by the American Board of spine medical procedure and the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.

Medical Degree– Yale University

14〉 David Vizurrage, MD

David was born and grown up in Atlanta.

Undergraduate– United States of Air Force Academy and he graduated with Honors.

15〉 Antonio Webb, MD

Antonio specializes in medical conditions like Trauma, degenerative, deformity, cervical/lumbar arthroplasty.

16〉 Richel Xu, MD

Richel accepts her four year certification in biomedical designing from the Johns Hopkins University.

She is a lot of experienced in complex local aggravation condition, flopped back a medical procedure condition, sports wounds, outer muscle issues.