Shively Animal Clinic Louis Ville Hours, Phone Number

Shively Animal Clinic gives the best creature care administrations to stash pets, exotics, avian, felines, canines in Indiana and Kentucky. They offer immunizations, dentistry, wellbeing assessments, research center administrations, dietary directing, muscular medical procedures. They are likewise accessible 24 hours crisis administrations.

Shively Animal Clinic Louisville

2401 Dixie Hwy Louisville

KY 40216

Phone Number- 502 778 9995

Prescription Refill No- 502 778 9995

Business Hours

Monday to Friday

7 am to 7 pm

Saturday- 7 am to 4:30 pm

Sunday- 9 am to 4:30 pm

They are available 7 Days a Week.

Shively Animal Clinic Services

They offer services that include

Surgery Dentistry
X-rays Medicine
Dermatology Vaccinations
Ultrasound Laser Therapy
Full Endoscopy Ear Drops
Exotics Birds
Dental Radiography Reproduction
In-home euthanasia Drop-off

They offer Animal careful attention incorporate
Laser Therapy

With the assistance of Veterinary laser treatment, you can oversee pet agony and reestablish the tissue in creatures. Laser treatment, needle therapy, or elective medication can assist creatures with recuperating from a medical procedure or any injury.

Fixing and Neutering

In the United States, Spaying and Neutering is the most generally utilized methodology to control creature pregnancy and work on pet wellbeing.

Inner Surgery

Inner medical procedure can assist with eliminating the unfamiliar items from the pet stomach or digestive system. This medical procedure additionally can be utilized to eliminate cancers, stones, and other development.

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