Moncrief Army Health Clinic Address, Services, Mission

Moncrief Army Health Clinic gives the best medical care administrations to the Department of Defense. Their principle mission is to get ready wellbeing and upgrade the personal satisfaction with an expert group committed to protected, predictable, available.

Moncrief Army Health Clinic Address

Their address is

4500 Stuart St, Columbia, SC 29207

United States

Moncrief Army Health Clinic Leaders

Their leaders include

1〉 COL Tara L. Hall

Military schooling

Official Basic Course

Chief Career Course

Rule of Military Preventative Medicine

Joint Planners Course

Armed force Medical Department Executive Skills Course

2〉 CSM Erin L. Hicks

Erin was conceived and experienced childhood in Columbus. She finished her fundamental preparation from the Fort Leonardwood, Missouri, and Advance individual preparation from the Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas.

3〉 LTC Dwight A. Armbrust

He is a Deputy Commander for Administration. In 1986 he finished his graduation from Indiana University with Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Business Administration.

4〉 LTC Lisabeth A. Bush

In Moncrief Army Health Clinic she is delegate leader for Clinical Services.

5〉 Michael A. Barton

He is a Deputy Commander for Quality and Safety.

6〉 LTC  Kevin E. Snyder

In Moncrief Army Health Clinic Kevin is a Deputy Commander for Nursing

Moncrief Army Health Clinic Services

Their administrations incorporate

1〉 Active Duty

Actual Exam Section

Wiped out Call

Officer Readiness Center

2〉 Acute Care Clinic
Their intense consideration facility open 7 days per week. Consistently from 11:00 am-10 pm.

Ph No-803 751 2169

Area Ground Floor

3〉 Ambulance Services
For emergency vehicle administrations, you can call 911. It opens 24 hours per day and seven days per week.

Area is Emergency administrations focus 5499 Jackson Boulevard.

4〉 American Red Cross
4500 Stuart Street, ninth Floor

Ft, Jackson, SC 29073

Ph No-803 751 4329

Monday to Friday

10 am to 2 pm

5〉 Army Wellness Center
Ph No-803 751 6749

Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 4:30 pm

6〉 Audiology
4500 Stuart Street

third Floor, EENT Clinic

Ft. Jackson, SC 29207

Ph No-803 751 5406

Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 4:15 pm

7〉 Behavioral Health
Conduct wellbeing administrations incorporate

Stroll in help for intense consideration

Prescription Management

Complete Assessments

Brain science Testing

Individual Therapy

Bunch Therapy

Order Consultation

Authority Directed Evaluation

8〉 Case Management
Moncrief Army Health Clinic

4500 Stuart Street, eighth Floor

Ft. Jackson, SC 29207

Ph No-803 751 0672

Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 4:30 pm

9〉 Chiropractic
In this part, they treat back, migraine, neck, spine-related torment. These administrations are accessible just for warriors.

Ph No-803 751 4408

Monday to Friday

7:00 am to 4:00pm

10〉 Dental Clinic
They give general dentistry administrations, cleaning, and oral medical procedure.

Ph No-803 751 2108

Monday to Friday

7:15 am to 4:25 pm

Peruse Northside Clinic, Vista Community Clinic

11〉 Educational and Development Intervention Services
Moncrief Army Health Clinic

eighth floor fundamental center

4555 Stuart Street

Ph No-803 751 4165

Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 4;30 pm

12〉 Integrated Health Medical Home
The coordinated wellbeing clinical home cares for troopers and their families who are owned up to Tricare. Any dynamic officer can turn into an individual from this, in the wake of filling an application structure.

Ph No-803 751 2210

13〉 Well Women Clinic
They give some minor gyne related issues and medical attendant professionals can address their issues.

For an arrangement, you can call 803 751 2273

Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 4 pm

14〉 Immunization
The vaccination administrations are accessible for all fighters, relatives, retired folks, and their relatives.

The notice antibodies have required a Prescription

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B

Inert Polio Vaccine

Rabies antibody

Meningococcal Vaccine

Pneumovax antibody

15〉 Laboratory
The Laboratory offers support to the Moncrief Army Health Clinic each Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Clinical testing administrations incorporate






Microbial science

16〉 Patients Services
Is accessible to help with asset sharing, deployment ready cases Tricare forever, and troubles.

Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 4:15 pm

The patient administrations area is the tenth Floor.

17〉 McWethy Troop Medical Clinic
Ph No-803 751 6789

Monday to Friday

5:30 am to 3:15 pm


7:30 am to 3:25 pm

18〉 Medical Management Center
Ph No-803 751 3069

19〉 Moncrief Medical Home
1021 Pinnacle Point Drive

Suite 200

Columbia, SC 29223

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

8 am to 4:30 pm

Tuesday, Thursday

8:30 am to 4;30 pm

20〉 Nuclear Medicine
Atomic medication offers administrations like Cardiac imaging, MUGA studies, Renal, Hemangioma, Tumor Imaging, Lung Scans.

They likewise give endocrinology administrations like Parathyroid, Pituitary, adrenal, and Thyroid.

Some Other administrations are
Nourishment Care

Word related Therapy


Drug store

Non-intrusive treatment

Deterrent Medicine


Gathering Medical Center

Respiratory Therapy

Veterinary Clinic

Well Baby.

Moncrief Army Health Clinic Mission and Vision

Their main goal is Health planning and personal satisfaction advancement for the Army Premier preparation post with an expert group devoted to protected, predictable, open, and top notch patient-focused care.

Moncrief Army Health Clinic changes a positive patients experience into a solid way of life and ideal Performance.