Irondequoit Animal Hospital Rochester Hours, Phone Number

Irondequoit Animal Hospital veterinarians are specialists in Pet Health Care. Their group is centered around the personal satisfaction of your pet. Their veterinarians are knowledgeable about the accompanying regions incorporate wellbeing and health, oral and dental consideration, medical procedure, Imaging and demonstrative, from there, the sky is the limit. Irondequoit Hospital offers benefits that incorporate Nutrition, Oral and Dental Care, Surgery, Imaging and Diagnostic, Pet Health, and Wellness.

Irondequoit Animal Hospital Rochester Phone Number

The address is

1〉 Emergency Services

825 White Spruce Blvd

Rochester, NY 14623

Telephone Number-585 424 1277

2〉 Irondequoit Hospital

2150 Hudson Avenue (map)

Rochester, NY 14617

Telephone Number-585 266 8020

Fax Number-585 266 2394

Office Hours

Monday to Thursday

8 am to 7 Pm

Friday-8 am to 5 pm

Saturday-8 am to 2 pm


Irondequoit Animal Hospital Services

They offer services that include

Wellness & Preventive Care Canine & Feline Oral Care
Veterinary Surgery Internal medicine
X-ray & Diagnostic imaging In-house Laboratory
Laser Therapy Pain Management
Pet Boarding End of Life Care
Specialty Referrals  

Canine & Feline Oral Care

They can treat a variety of tooth issues include

Fractured Teeth Extractions
Bonded Sealants Tooth reabsorption in Cats

Veterinary Surgery

X-RaysDental Cleaning

Anesthesia and Monitoring

Home Care

Oral Assessment at every Checkup

Surgical Procedures

Spaying and  Neutering Soft Tissue Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery Tumor and Growth Removal

Diagnostic Imaging Services

There are some key advantage of using X-ray

Fast and Easy Process

Wide View of Body Parts

A clear image of organ and Bones

Laser Therapy

Some conditions laser therapy treat

Wounds Infections
Cuts/bites Inflammation
Tooth Extractions Pain Relief Sprains, Strain, and Fractures
Pain Relief Degenerative Joint Diseases
Periodontal Disease Lick Granulomas
Hip Dysplasia Feline Acne
Tendonitis Arthritis


Urinary Tract Diseases

Irondequoit Animal Hospital Doctors

Their primary care physicians and staff are

Monica Bunkenburg, DVM
Dr. Monica is a local of Skaneateles, New York.

Four year college education

Arizona State University

Four year college education

Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Monica’s expert advantages incorporate delicate tissue a medical procedure.

Andrea Straka, VMD
Dr. Andrea local of Pennsylvania. Straka finished her college degree at Delaware University. Dr. Andrea finished her certification in creature science in 1995.

Veterinary School

The University of Pennsylvania for Veterinary School.

Her expert interest incorporates creature conduct.

Kathryn Psutka, DVM
Dr. Kathryn local of London. She finished her natural science at the University of Guelph.

Veterinary Degree

From St. Georgia University in 2012.

Dr. Kathryn’s expert advantages incorporate Opthalmology and Surgery.

Andrew Kicera, DVM

Dr. Andrew has a place with Corner in Perinton. He finished his four year certification in Biology at RIT. Dr. Andrew’s veterinary advantages incorporate Soft Tissue Surgery and Preventive Medicine. He expert in Critical Care and Emergency Services.

Other Office Staff

Names Specialization
Sue Riggs Hospital Business Manager
Linda M. Childs ACA Supervisor
Bard Swartzfager Veterinary Technician
Mitten Schmitts Office Cat Extraordinaire