Hamilton Eye Care Address, Hours, Phone Number

In 1988, Hamilton Eye Care was laid out by the Drs. Michael and Andrea Moorehead in Butler County. They offer the greatest essential consideration and furthermore offer expertly contact focal points and Fit eyewear with guarantees. They pride their self to satisfy the necessities of eyecare.

Hamilton Eye Care Address/ Hours/ Phone Number


The location is

1360 Eaton Ave (map)

Hamilton, OH 45013

Telephone Number-513 894 1800

Fax Number-513 318 3985


Available time
Monday to Tuesday

9 am to 7 pm

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

9 am to 5 pm


Hamilton Care Services

They offer services include

Exams and Treatment Eyewear
Contact lens evaluation & Fitting Myopia Control
Dry Eye Evaluation Children’s Vision
Other Services  

Exams and Treatments

It includes

Dry Eyes Red Eyes
Eye Injuries Diabetic Eye Exams
Complete vision and eye health exam included Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration


This eye care focus offers an immense choice of eyeglass casings to fit, each style and Budget. Their prepared optician additionally assists with choosing the edge.

Contact focal point assessment and Fitting
It incorporates

Delicate Contact Lenses

Inflexible Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Specialty Contact focal points

Half breed Lenses

Scleral Lenses


Nearsightedness Control

Dry Eyes
Dry eye side effects incorporate Itching, Redness, Red eyes, Blurring, and, Watery Eyes. It very well may be brought about by deficient oil creation, causing tear vanishing.

This issue can be impacted by the enviromental conditions, prescription, contact focal point wear, PC use.

Kids’ Vision
Finding any eye issues in kids however much as could reasonably be expected is vital. Hamilton eye care can analyze offspring of all ages including newborn children.

Hamilton Eye Care Doctors

Their doctors are

Dr. Michael H. Moorehead

Dr. Michael’s origination is Zanesville, Ohio. In 1872 he finished his schooling at Maysville High school. In 1979 from Ohio State University Dr. Michael finished his both undergrad and expert school. Dr. Michael laid out this eye care focus in 1988. He is a guaranteed remedial optometrist.

Dr. Andrea M. Moorehead

Dr. Andrea is a local of Hamilton. In 1973 she finished secondary school. Dr. Andrea finished her graduation in 1977 from Taylor University. Typically she treats glaucoma and foremost eye infection. She is an affirmed remedial optometrist.

Dr. Shannon Morgan

In 2019, Dr. Shannon joined this eyecare. She finished her certification in Biochemistry from Ohio State University. From Ohio State University school of optometry, she accepts her doctorate. She is keen on Low vision patients and binocular Vision.