Chai urgent care Lakewood, Boro Park, Jackson nj

Chai pressing consideration gives helpful, complete consideration to their patients 365 days per year until late. In their mindful group, doctors are exceptionally knowledgeable about regarding most wounds and diseases as well as offering the essential symptomatic types of assistance. They acknowledge a wide range of protection inclusion and need arrangements to give quality consideration immediately.

In the event that you are in any hazardous circumstance like Major injury, Chest torment, Severe breathing you should call 911.

Chai urgent care Lakewood/Boro Park/Jackson Nj

They have six locations

Staten Island

1975 Hylan Blvd

Staten Island, NY 10306

New Patient Call-646 585 7250

Existing Patients-646 558 2424

Chai Urgent Care Lakewood

400 New Hampshire Ave

Lakewood, NJ 08701

New Patient-732 587 7241

Existing Patient-732 994 2424

Chai Urgent Care Boro Park

3808 14th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11218

New Patients- 347 417 5934

Existing Patients- 718 972 2424


735 Bedford Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11205

New Patients- 718 650 2398

Existing Patients- 718 333 2424

Chai Urgent Care Jackson

2206 W County Line Road

Jackson Township, NJ 08527

New Patients-732 638 4587

Existing Patients-732 655 2424

Mill Basin

5322 Avenue N

Brooklyn, NY 11234

New Patients- 929 800 8687

Existing Patients- 718 307 2424

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Chai urgent care Services

Their services include

Illness Treatment





Sore Throats



Stomach Aches & Viruses Nausea & Vomiting
Abscesses & Boils Rashes & Bites
Asthma, Allergies & Allergic Reactions Ear & Sinus Infections


Yeast Infections

Dehydration and I.V care
Mrsa Stds

Injury Treatment

They treat common injuries include

Cuts & Abrasions Stitches & Staples
Sprains & Broken Bones Back & Joint Pain
Muscle Strains Minor Burns
On the Job Injuries Foreign Object Removal


Pediatric urgent care services

Well Visit Colds, Flus, and Fever
Sore Throat & Coughs Nausea & Vomiting
Stomach Aches and Viruses Ear Infections
Cuts, Scrapes & Bumps Rotavirus
Pink Eye Pediatric Asthma & Allergies
Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease Eczema
Nosebleeds Chickenpox

Women Health

Chai Urgent consideration devoted clinical supplier treat ladies conditions incorporate

UTI and Urinary Complaints Hemorrhoids & Abscess
Morning Sickness Abnormal Menstruation
STD & HIV Testing Testing for Pregnancy
Vaginal Complaints Abdominal or Cramping
Menopausal Symptoms Referrals for Ultrasound


Chai care lab administrations are appropriately shown to their Clinician. Their Clinician is determined to have normal and unprecedented sicknesses and Conditions.

Flu Mono
Rapid Strep Stds
Pregnancy Drug Screening
Electrolytes Blood Sugar

X-ray & Screening

Chai Urgent considerations an exceptionally prepared technologist involved evaluating gear for standard outcomes.



Advanced X-beam

Hand and Foot X-beam


They additionally offer inoculation like Vaccine Titers, PPD, Tetanus, and Flu Shots.

Treatment for Flu

A few side effects are

Fever Chills
Body Aches Fatigue
Headache Cough
Runny/ Stuffy Nose Sore Throat

Some other services include

Well Visit

Pink Eye

Asthma and Allergies

Ear Infections

Lyme Disease

Sexually transmitted diseases

Drying out

Sensitivity Treatment

UTI and Urinary

Work Injuries

Hyper-extends Broken Bones

Back Pain

Chai urgent care Doctors/ providers

Their PCPs or supplier incorporate. Visit official site

Tara Moseder

Tara is a clinical colleague, EMT, Birth and Postpartum Doula. She has over 20 years of involvement. She strengths in Cholestech machines, Manual and Phlebotomy, and 12 Lead EKGs.

Michelle Rwito

Michelle is a Physician Assistant. She finished her graduation from Touro College.

She is a confirmed Physician Assistant.

Berel Hassan

Berel is a New York Regional Director of Chai. He is a crisis clinical expert.

Moshe Perlman, PA-C

Moshe is a Hospitalist and Nocturnist. Perlman finished her graduation from the Master of Science Physician Assistant.