Bozeman clinic Direction, Contact, Services & Doctors

Bozeman center is situated in Bozeman, Montana is one of the most established and best clinical practices in the Gallatin Valley and then some. Bozeman center is an exclusive gathering of seven board perceived family suppliers who practice their Christian confidence and who give exhaustive and sympathetic consideration to the entire family.

Since they are an essential consideration practice, they are prepared to meet practically all of your medical services needs, from medical services to diagnosing and treating a wide scope of conditions. Assuming a circumstance emerges that requires unique consideration or counsel, they will be your attorney and orchestrate an interview with the best individual or association for you. They are strategically placed away from Highland Boulevard. Kindly read the course segment for the determination of their location and contact data.

Bozeman facility Directions

931 Highland Blvd (map)

Suite 3360

Bozeman, MT 59715

Stopping – Lot F

Building Entrance 7

Take the Purple lifts to the

third Floor Suite 3360

Ph No-406 587 4242

Available time
Monday to Friday – 9 am to 5 pm

Saturday – 9 am to early afternoon

Sunday – CLOSED

Bozeman facility Contact
Their Ph No-406 587 4242

To plan an arrangement you can call-406 587 3507

Available time

Mon to Friday-9 am to 5 pm

Saturday-9 am to 12 pm


Bozeman clinic Services

Their administrations incorporate

Family Care administrations
At this facility, they love dealing with the family, since they are a board-affirmed family provider. They want to furnish you with empathic, exhaustive medical care at each phase of life. They think of it as an exceptional chance to deal with grandparents, fathers, moms, and their kids and grandkids. By getting to know every single individual in your family, they can give the best consideration not exclusively to the individual yet in addition to your family in general.

Men’s Health
Their men’s wellbeing administrations incorporate

Preventive and issue focused wellbeing assessments, including proposed lab studies.

Direction on the utilization of separately custom fitted activity to further develop wellbeing results.

Guidance for men with exceptional worries in regards to prostate and ED

Conclusion, therapy, and care the executives of intense and constant sicknesses.

Adaptable sigmoidoscopy as an elective malignant growth screening strategies.

Vasectomy for family arranging. Dr. Gabor Benda goes through this system in the facility and requires a pre-Vasectomy discussion.

Ladies Health
Family Planning and Counseling


Midlife, Menopause and Beyond

Gynecological and bosom tests

Disease screening and anticipation with references for mammograms, Sigmoidoscopies, and bone wellbeing screening.

Protection and issue centered wellbeing tests.

Administrations incorporate

Thorough games Physicals

Intense consideration for any disease that your kid insight.

Care for wounds that outcome in cracks.

References to subject matter experts or pediatricians when vital.

Juvenile games physicals

Infant circumcisions.

Actual Exams
Actual assessment, whether performed yearly or less much of the time, is a significant piece of wellbeing and prosperity for all patients. Routine yearly assessments can offer them the chance to make early judgments for ailments and give direction to sound living.

GI Health Services
Administrations are



Gastric Endoscopy

Heart Health
To safeguard yourself from a respiratory failure, you should know about your gamble factors and watch out for the side effects. This is on the grounds that coronary illness was initially a men’s medical condition, yet a large portion of 1,000,000 ladies pass on from coronary illness every year. A greater number of ladies pass on from coronary illness than bosom malignant growth and it can influence everybody, youthful and old.

In-office Lab Services
They are exceptionally pleased with their lab and researchers routinely visit the province of Montana like clockwork. Likewise, they get incredible remarks from auditors about consistence with state and government guidelines.

Travel Consultation
The Bozman Clinic has understood that the world has decreased because of the expansion in worldwide travel for missions, business, and Pleasure. Their facility is remarkably prepared to offer modern travel medication exhortation.

Bozeman clinic Doctors

Their Doctors Include

Gabor Benda, M.D.

Diplomate of American Board of Family Practice. Benda was move on from Rutgers College with a degree in Biochemistry prior to going to clinical school at Rutgers Medical school. In 1983 he accepted his physician certification. Dr. Gabor is keen on Pregnancy care and wellbeing upkeep to assist with accomplishing an elevated degree of actual wellness.

Christine Mitchell, M.D.

Diplomate of American Board of Family Practice.

Dr. Christine went to the University of Montana for her college degree in Molecular Biology. She finished clinical school at the University of Washington. In her spare energy, she investing time with her three kids Clara, William, and Gabe.

Steven Roberts, D.O.

Diplomate of American Board of Family Practice.

In 1992, Dr. Roberts accepted his college degree in Biochemistry from Idaho state college. Dr. Steven plays out his entry level position at Presbyterian/St. Lukes Hospital in Denver.

His different advantages are Biking, Running, and Camping.

Diplomate of American Board of Family Practice.

In 1980, Dr. Larry accept his college degree from the University of North Dakota. Dr. Larry has an incredible enthusiasm for the outside, Enjoying Hunting, Fishing and Horseback riding, and Camping.

Heather Wheeler, M.D.

Diplomate of American Board of Family Practice.

Dr. Heather accepted her college degree in Biology. Heather Jwent to clinical school at the University of Washington through the WWAMI program. Outside the calling she appreciates singing with the love group at Grace Bible Chruch.

Amy Braaksma, DNP, FNP-BC

Diplomate of American Board of Family Practice.

Dr. Amy finished her college degree in Biology from the Pacific Lutheran University. She likewise appreciates singing with the love at Grace Bible Church.