Bell Flower Clinic Services, Contact & Marion County

Chime Flower Clinic is a public center for the identification and treatment of Sexually communicated sicknesses. They give 14 years old and more seasoned from Monday to Friday by arrangement. For an arrangement, you can call the facility at 8 am day to day. Few arrangements are accessible on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

A full assessment is accommodated a $20 organization charge. They at present acknowledge no acknowledge or charge card as a type of Payment. They give screening administrations to Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and HIV testing without an arrangement.

Chime Flower Clinic additionally has a Spanish interpreter By calling-221 8380.

Bell Flower Clinic Health Care Services

Their Services Includes

HIV  Testing & Services

HIV- Rapid Testing (Same day results)

No Physical Examination

HIV, Hepatitis, They test for B and C just, Syphilis Testing: RPR

Address and get references for new HIV Diagnosis.

Address and get references for various issues that might slow down safeguarded sexual way of behaving.

$20 dollar organization expense applies incorporates all tests.

STD screening

This Clinic gives STD screening to Individuals

No Physical Examination

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea: NAAT









Syphilis Testing: RPR and FTA

HIV: Rapid Testing (Same Day Result)

STD Testing

Chlamydia Testing: NAAT genital Swabs

Actual Exam is finished by an authorized Medical Practitioner

Syphilis Testing: RPR and FTA

HIV: Rapid testing

Gonorrhea testing

NAAT Genital Swab

Culture Including testing for quinolone-safe GC

Testing for non-gonococcal Urethritis in men and Trichomonas, Candida and Bacterial Vaginosis in Women

Other Services

Sexually transmitted disease instruction

Accomplice Notification

Reference to different administrations

Bell Flower Clinic Contact Information

640 Eskenazi Avenue

Indianapolis, In 46202

Ph No-317 221 8300


Monday-7 am to 6:10 Pm

Tuesday-11:30 am to 3:10 pm

Wednesday-10:30 am to 6:10 pm

Thursday-7 am to 3:10 pm

Friday-7 am to 3:10 pm

Walk-In Clinic

Mon/Thurs/Fri-7:00 am

Arrangements call Accepted at 8 am-317 221 8300

Marion County Health Department Bell Flower Clinic

640 Eskenazi Ave

Indianapolis, In-46202

Ph No-317 221 8312

Monday-7 am to 6:10 pm

Tuesday-11:30 am to 3:10 pm

Wednesday-10:30 am to 6:10 pm

Thursday-7 am to 3:10 pm

Friday-7 am to 3:10 pm

Saturday and Sunday-Closed

Tests offered at this Location


Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B Vaccine


Fast HIV Oral

Hepatitis C


Ordinary HIV Blood